gallery juliane hundertmark

The gallery juliane hundertmark was founded in 2008 by the artist juliane hundertmark in the old gallery district in Berlin-Mitte.

In the near of our showroom there are a lot of big well known galleries.

The gallery was situated in Sophienstrasse 23 until the end of 2013.



Our new rooms are located in the " Gipsdreieck" of Berlin Mitte. It is very close to Auguststrasse and other big galleries.


At our big window you can look into our space and see emerging young art.

The gallery presents young and fresh art from unknown artists from berlin and abroad.

The programme includes painting, drawing, sculpture and installation.


The aim of our presentation is to combine the work of some artists in an installation to make a new experience for the spectator. Plastic works, painting, old furniture and photos are combined at our gallery: we call it: " the holy living room".